Slab Piers

Stabilize Your Concrete Slab Foundations Permanently

Are you noticing signs of foundation distress in your home, like cracks in your walls or floors? At LUX, we offer slab piers, a trusted concrete slab foundation repair solution. Designed to level up the foundation and stabilize your home, slab piers are a durable and reliable option when dealing with slab foundation issues.

What are Slab Piers?

Image showing how an installed slab piers installation in Fairfax, VA works for strengthening and stabilizing foundations.

Slab Piers, also known as concrete piers, is a type of underpinning foundation repair solution used to lift and stabilize concrete slab foundations that experience settlement and other problems such as unlevel basement slab floors, foundation cracks, gaps, or sinking on one side. Anchoring long steel rods deep into the ground, these robust piers transfer the weight of your house from unstable soils to solid bedrock or competent soils, ensuring your house is safe and secure.


The LUX Foundation Solutions Grip-Tite Slab Pier System is made from high-quality, durable, galvanized steel tubes. These piers not only lift the concrete slab back to its original level position but also offer a lifelong solution with minimal disruption and stress. 


Having a tailored solution that precisely meets the repair requirements of your home is crucial. Considering the construction and foundation type of your house, it is possible that alternative systems such as helical piers or push piers may not be suitable solutions. However, installing slab piers beneath your concrete slab can effectively strengthen your foundation, prevent further damage, and ensure your home’s long-term protection.

Why are Slab Piers Necessary?

When it comes to maintaining the structural integrity of your home, slab piers play a crucial role. The soil beneath your house might appear solid, but various factors, such as erosion, hydrostatic pressure compaction, and soil type, can affect its stability over time. In such scenarios, slab piers are not just an option but necessary to stabilize settling slab foundations, providing much-needed support to your home and preventing further damage.


Slab Pier Systems are a great alternative instead of replacing your slab completely. There are many advantages when considering, which include:


  • Address soil instability: They counteract the issues caused by soil instability, be it due to erosion, compaction, or poor soil quality.
  • Prevent further damage: By providing support to the foundation, they prevent any potential damage that could occur due to the shifting soil or the weight of the house. Floor slabs can be stabilized and leveled without the mess and inconvenience of replacement.
  • Provide long-lasting support: Made of galvanized steel, they offer durable and long-lasting support to your home’s foundation.

Offer peace of mind: Knowing that your home’s foundation is secure, you can have peace of mind, free from worries about potential structural problems.

Signs your Concrete Slab Foundations need Slab Piers

Recognizing the early signs can save you from costly repairs in the future for fixing slab foundation problems. Here are some signs you need slab piers for concrete slab foundation repair:

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to level up your foundation with a trusted slab piers system from LUX.

LUX Slab Piers System Installation Process

The LUX foundation solutions team follows a proven process to install slab piers efficiently and effectively. The installation process is:

1. Site Assessment

We begin with a thorough site assessment to examine affected areas of your foundation thoroughly, evaluate the extent of the foundation damage, and understand the underlying causes. This helps us tailor a solution that suits your home’s needs perfectly.

2. Removal of affected flooring

We carefully remove the affected flooring to expose the foundation slab. This is done precisely to avoid any unnecessary damage to the surrounding areas. Post-removal, the slab is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next step.

3. Drilling a hole to expose the slab footing

We then drill a hole in the foundation slab and into the soil beneath to expose the footing. This is performed using specialized equipment to ensure accurate positioning and size of the hole – which is crucial for the placement of the slab pier.


4. Placing a bracket under the footing

A bracket is placed under the exposed slab footing. This bracket is designed to hold the pier in place and transfer the weight of the home onto it. The bracket’s positioning is meticulously checked to ensure it aligns perfectly with the hole drilled in the previous step.

5. Inserting pier sections into the ground

We insert galvanized steel pier sections into the ground through the bracket, driving them down until the pier reaches a stable soil layer supporting the home’s weight. Each pier section is carefully guided into position to ensure a solid installation.

6. Monitoring depths and capacities of piers

As the piers are inserted, we constantly monitor their depth and load-bearing capacity to ensure optimal performance. This ensures that the piers are installed to the required depth and can effectively support your home’s weight.

7. Capping the pier

Once the piers reach the desired depth and are carrying the correct load, they are capped to secure them in place. This acts as a protective layer for the pier and also ensures a snug fit with the slab bracket.

8. Attaching bracket to the slab

A bracket is then attached to the slab over the pier. This bracket secures the slab to the pier, ensuring an optimal load transfer and providing additional stability to the foundation.

9. Transferring your home’s load to the installed pier

Using hydraulic equipment, your home’s weight is then transferred onto the pier through the bracket. The concrete slab is lifted to the appropriate level to stabilize, and the bracket is removed.


10. Filling the hole with concrete for a smooth finish

Finally, the drilled hole in the slab is filled with concrete. This gives the installation a smooth finish, restoring the flooring to its original state and maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your home.

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Why Choose LUX Slab Piers System?

Trust LUX Griptite Slab Piers System for a permanent solution and choice for your home’s concrete slab foundation problems.

Image of LUX team installing slab piers in Berkeley, WV to stabilize damaged foundation.

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Don’t compromise on the safety and stability of your home’s foundation. Take action today and ensure a secure future with the LUX slab piers System to fix your concrete slab foundation issues. We offer comprehensive foundation repair solutions to rectify your foundation problems permanently. Our proven, engineered system is designed for durability and effectiveness, providing an enduring solution to your foundation concerns.


Contact us today at 540-508-8587 or complete the online free estimate form for slab piers installation in Northern Virginia, Shenandoah Valley, North Central Virginia, West Virginia, and surrounding areas. Secure your peace of mind by choosing the LUX slab piers System – a solution you can trust for the safety and stability of your home.

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How do I know if my foundation needs slab piers?

If you notice warning signs such as:


  1. Cracks in the concrete walls or floors, especially those that are widening or recurring despite repairs,
  2. Unlevel floors, particularly if they have worsened over time, suggest that certain foundation sections are settling more than others.
  3. Sticking doors and windows
  4. Leaning or bowing walls


These issues suggest potential foundation settlement or movement, and slab piers are suitable for supporting and stabilizing slab foundations. 

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, contact us for a thorough assessment and consultation to determine the best solution for your foundation issues.

How long does the slab pier installation process take?

The duration of the slab pier installation process varies depending on the severity of the foundation issue. Factors such as the number of piers needed and the complexity of the installation influence the overall timeline. 

Contact us today to schedule a free estimate. Our experts will assess your specific needs and provide a detailed timeline for the installation process.

Can slab piers prevent future foundation issues?

Yes, slab piers can contribute to preventing future foundation issues. Through strategic placement and support, they address the underlying causes of settlement, such as soil movement or inadequate support. By stabilizing and supporting the foundation, they help mitigate the risk of future problems, ensuring a more secure and durable foundation for your home. 

Learn more about how slab piers can help prevent future foundation problems by contacting us for a consultation today.

Are slab piers a permanent solution?

Yes, slab piers are considered a permanent solution for addressing foundation settlement issues. The purpose is to stabilize and support the foundation, preventing further settlement and associated problems. 


When installed by our professional team, using high-quality materials and precise techniques, slab piers provide a lasting solution that enhances your home’s foundation’s long-term stability and integrity. 


Contact LUX experts to explore how slab piers can provide a long-term solution for your foundation concerns.

Will installing slab piers increase my home's property value?

While the direct impact of slab piers on a home’s property value may vary, addressing and resolving foundation issues can positively influence the perceived value of a property. Potential buyers often view a structurally sound foundation as a critical factor when considering a home purchase. 


Slab piers, when professionally installed, contribute to the stability and integrity of the structure. This can enhance the overall appeal and market value of your home. Consulting with real estate professionals and considering the specifics of your local housing market can provide further insights into how foundation improvements, including slab piers, may impact property value in your area.

Contact us to learn more about how addressing foundation issues with slab piers can enhance the value and stability of your home.

How long do slab piers last?

When professionally installed and maintained, slab piers are designed to be a long-lasting solution for foundation stabilization. The lifespan can vary depending on factors such as soil conditions, the severity of the foundation issue, and the quality of materials used in the installation. 

At LUX, we use Griptite slab piers for durable materials and execute precise installation techniques to ensure longevity. Schedule regular maintenance and inspections with our team to extend the lifespan of your slab piers and maintain your home’s stability.

How much does the installation cost for concrete slab piers?

The cost of concrete slab piers installation can vary based on factors influencing the cost, including:

  • The number of piers needed
  • The depth of the installation
  • Any additional services required
  • Project size
  • The severity of the foundation issues

At LUX, we offer personalized solutions; contact us for a free estimate. Our experts will assess your specific needs, provide a detailed cost estimate, and offer tailored solutions to address your structural concerns effectively.

My house is experiencing differential settlement. How can Slab Piers specifically address issues like wall cracks and uneven floors?

Slab Piers are specifically designed to address issues associated with differential settlement, such as cracks in concrete walls and uneven or sagging floors. These problems often occur when sections of a foundation settle at different rates, causing stress on the structure. 


Slab piers work by providing support to the affected areas of the foundation, lifting and stabilizing them to restore uniformity. The piers are strategically placed beneath the settling sections, effectively transferring the load and preventing further movement. This targeted support helps close cracks in walls and levels uneven floors, providing a comprehensive solution to the symptoms of foundation settlement. 

At LUX, we employ precise installation techniques to tailor Slab Pier solutions to your home’s unique needs, ensuring effective and lasting results in addressing these specific issues. Contact us now to learn how Slab Piers can effectively address the specific issues affecting your home’s foundation.

Can slab piers be used as a preventative measure, or are they typically employed only after signs of foundation issues emerge?

While slab piers are often used as a reactive solution to address visible signs of foundation issues, they can also be used as a preventative measure in certain situations. 


If your property is located in an area with known soil instability or other factors that may contribute to foundation settlement, utilizing slab piers proactively can help prevent the emergence of visible signs such as cracks, unlevel floors, or sticking doors. By strategically placing them before significant settlement occurs, you can provide additional support to the foundation, mitigating potential issues. 

Contact us for a comprehensive assessment to determine the specific needs of your property, whether as a preventative measure or in response to existing foundation concerns. Implementing slab piers preventively can contribute to your home’s foundation’s long-term stability and integrity.

Are there any hidden fees or charges associated with financing slab pier installation?

We believe in transparent pricing and strive to ensure that our customers fully understand the costs associated with financing slab pier installation. While financing agreements may include certain fees or charges, such as origination fees or interest charges, we will clearly outline these costs upfront.


Our team will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of all fees and charges associated with financing slab pier installation before you sign any agreements. We encourage open communication and are happy to answer any questions you may have about financing terms and conditions.

Rest assured, there are no hidden fees or surprises when it comes to financing your slab pier installation with us. Contact us to discuss financing options and obtain a transparent cost breakdown for your project.

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