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Foundation Wall Replacement in Northern Virginia

LUX Foundation Solutions can provide you with a complete foundation wall replacement. Foundation Wall Replacement is available to customers that have a weakened foundation wall beyond repair. If you think your home needs a wall replaced give us a call and we can come to take a look! 

Why Would I Need A Foundation Wall Replacement?

When it comes to having a compromised foundation, we know how stressful it can be to determine what is right for your home and how to keep it safe. That is why we offer a wide array of foundation repair solutions to fix any problem you may be encountering. Many foundation cracks and bowing walls can be fixed by solutions like wall anchors, helical tiebacks, etc. But, if the wall is severely compromised, you may need a foundation wall replacement. At LUX Foundation Solutions we offer complete foundation wall replacements to make your home stable again.

How Does A Foundation Wall Replacement Work?

One of our foundation repair specialists will come to your property to determine if a foundation wall replacement is the right solution for your property. Once we confirm that that is the best process, we will then begin stabilizing your home by removing pressure. Once your home is completely stabilized, we will then begin clearing away the compromised areas and building your new foundation.

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Choose LUX Foundation Solutions For Your Foundation Wall Replacement

Whatever foundation repair or basement waterproofing you need, LUX Foundation Solutions is here to help! We have over 30 years of experience in the industry, and we continue to provide clients solutions that last. If you notice your foundation needs to be repaired, give us a call today or schedule a FREE inspection.

Foundation Wall Replacement Advantages:

We know that replacing a foundation wall can be stressful, but it’s actually a lot more affordable and beneficial than you think. Here are some advantages:

Contact the professionals at LUX Foundation Solutions today to learn more about foundation wall replacements and why it might be the right choice for you!

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