Ensuring Safety and Stability for Your Home

Permanently lift and stabilize your uneven,  sagging floors with crawl space support posts.

What are Crawl Space Support Posts?

A robust and adjustable crawl space support post in Southbridge, VA to permanently lift and stabilize crawl space foundation.

Crawl space support posts are reliable and robust structural supports designed to permanently lift and stabilize the foundation of your home’s crawl space. These crawl space jacks are strategically installed beneath the house to support floor joists and beams that may exhibit signs of sagging or weakening.   


By strategically positioning these steel crawl space jacks, the structure’s weight is transferred to steel columns and evenly distributed, effectively preventing the settling and sagging of the floors above. 


This practical solution helps maintain the structural integrity of your home, ensuring a level and sturdy floor system that prevents future foundation failure. Thus creating a safer and more appealing living space for you and your family.

Why is Crawl Space Support Posts Necessary?

Your home should be a place of comfort and safety. But when your crawlspace structures are unable to support your foundation effectively, your floors will begin to sag or become uneven, which compromises your home’s structural integrity, causing you unnecessary stress. 


Here’s why crawl space support posts are an essential solution:

Signs You Need Crawl Space Support Posts

Ensure the structural integrity of your home, and keep an eye out for these common indicators that suggest the need for crawl space support posts:

How LUX Can Help?

If you want to stop constantly worrying about whether your above crawl space floor can handle the weight of everything on it, then our GripTite Crawl Space Support Posts are the solution for you.


GripTite Crawl Space Support Posts are engineered galvanized steel columns that provide vertical support to the crawlspace structure. When installed, the crawl space jacks are adjusted to the correct height to lift and stabilize the sinking or settling floor with minimal disturbance to surrounding areas. Removing slopes in floors, bouncing, or simply strengthening the floor system for stability.

LUX Crawl Space Support Posts Installation Process

1. Floor System and Foundation Assessment

Our engineers and technicians will evaluate the extent of foundation damage and determine the number of support posts needed.


2. Digging and Setting

Precise holes are dug strategically, and the support posts are securely placed into their positions on an engineered metal footing.


3. Adjustment and Alignment

Each post is carefully adjusted to provide optimal support and aligned with the structure. The weight of the structure is then transferred to the new support post, which distributes the weight evenly to the surrounding soil.


4. Locking in Stability

The support posts are firmly locked into position, ensuring they hold the foundation securely, preventing further settling or sinking. Ability to further adjust and correct floors in the future as required.

At LUX, we understand how important it is to protect and preserve your home’s structural integrity. Our team of experts is committed to providing you with the best possible solution to your home’s foundational issues, tailored to your unique structural need.

Let's Work Together

Why Choose LUX Crawl Space Support Posts?

Secure Your Home Now with Crawl Space Support Posts

Don’t let your home’s structural issues weigh you down. LUX Foundation Solutions crawl space support post is the ultimate solution to restore your home’s structural integrity and give you back your peace of mind. This product reinforces your home’s foundation, providing your needed stability and safety.


Contact us at 540-508-8587 or fill out the online form for a free estimate, and let’s start fortifying your home against future issues. The LUX team is always ready for any crawl space repair in Northern Virginia, West Virginia, North Central Virginia, Shenandoah Valley, and surrounding areas. We’re proud to be your go-to solution for all crawlspace repair needs.


Don’t wait until it’s too late. Secure your home now and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve. Choose stability, choose security, choose LUX.

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What are the signs that my crawl space needs stabilization?

Recognizing the signs that your crawlspace requires stabilization is crucial for preventing further structural damage. Watch for indicators such as sagging or uneven floors, visible cracks in the interior walls, or doors and windows that no longer close properly. If you observe gaps between the walls and the ceiling or notice the development of new cracks in the exterior bricks or foundation, these are additional red flags. 


Moisture-related issues, such as mold growth or wood rot, can also signal a compromised foundation. Should you encounter any of these signs, contact us for a free estimate. Our experts can accurately diagnose the specific issues affecting your crawlspace and recommend a tailored stabilization solution to address the underlying problems, ensuring the long-term structural integrity of your home.

Are crawl space support posts a DIY installation, or should I hire a professional?

While there may be DIY options for some home projects, installing crawl space support posts is a task best left to professionals. The complexity of foundation stabilization requires specialized knowledge and expertise to properly assess structural issues and implement stabilization solutions. Professionals can accurately diagnose the root cause of the problem, recommend the most suitable stabilizer type, and execute the installation with precision. 


Attempting a DIY approach may lead to inadequate stabilization, exacerbating the issue and potentially causing further costly damage. By entrusting the installation to qualified experts, you not only ensure the effectiveness of the stabilization process but also benefit from their experience in addressing diverse structural challenges, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for your crawlspace.

How many crawl space support posts do I need to lift my house?

Determining the quantity of crawl space support posts needed to lift a house involves a detailed assessment. The size and weight-bearing capacity of the house, as well as the specific structural issues requiring correction, influence the choice of the jack. 


Professional evaluation considers factors such as soil conditions, foundation type, and the extent of elevation required. Attempting to estimate the appropriate crawl space jack size without expert guidance can lead to safety risks and potential structural damage. 


To ensure a safe and effective lifting process, contact us so that one of our experts can assess and determine the suitable size and type of crawl space jack for your specific structural needs.

Can crawl space support posts prevent future structural issues?

Yes, they address current structural issues and serve as a proactive measure to avoid future problems. By providing essential support to the foundation and mitigating environmental factors, stabilizers contribute to your home’s long-term stability. Choosing the right crawl space support posts and professional installation is a wise investment in safeguarding your property against potential structural issues.

How long does the installation process take?

The duration of the crawl space jacks installation process depends on factors such as the size of your crawlspace, the complexity of structural issues, and the type of stabilizer chosen.


It’s essential to consult with LUX Foundation Solution to get a more accurate estimate based on the specific conditions of your crawlspace. Our experts will ensure a thorough assessment, efficient planning, and timely execution of the installation, minimizing disruptions to your home during the stabilization process.

Can crawl space support posts be installed in any home?

Yes, in most cases, it can be installed in any home. The feasibility depends on factors like the type of foundation, the structural issues present, and the available space in the crawl area. Professional assessment by our foundation specialist can determine the compatibility of your home for stabilizer post-installation. With various types and sizes of stabilizer posts available, tailored solutions can be implemented to address specific structural needs, making stabilizer posts a versatile option for enhancing the stability of a wide range of homes.

How much does installing crawl space support posts cost?

The cost of installing crawl space support posts varies based on factors such as the size of your crawlspace, the extent of structural issues, and the type of stabilizer post needed. For an accurate estimate tailored to your specific situation, contact us today for your free estimate! We will assess your crawlspace, identify the structural needs, and provide a detailed cost estimate for installing a suitable stabilizer post.

We're dealing with expansive soil in our area. Can crawl space support posts work effectively in these soil conditions?

Yes, they can be effective solutions in areas with expansive soil. Expansive soils, prone to swelling and contracting, often contribute to structural issues such as foundation settling. Crawl space jacks provide additional support to counteract the impact of expansive soil, helping stabilize and level the foundation. 


Professional evaluation is crucial to tailor the installation to the specific challenges posed by expansive soil conditions, ensuring that the support jacks are strategically placed and adjusted to effectively address your home’s structural needs in such soil conditions.

What are the potential risks of neglecting to install crawl space support posts even if I saw structural issues already in my crawl space?

Neglecting to install crawl space support posts, especially when structural issues are already apparent, can lead to escalating risks and damage. Without proper support, existing structural problems such as sagging floors, uneven settling, or compromised load-bearing capacity may worsen over time. The lack of support posts can contribute to further structural instability, potentially damaging your home’s foundation and overall structure. 


Additionally, ignoring these issues may increase repair costs and decrease property value. It’s essential to address structural concerns promptly and consult with professionals at LUX to determine the appropriate installation of crawl space support posts and prevent the escalation of potential risks to your home.

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