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Closed Crawl Space Solutions In Northern Virginia

A closed crawl space is another crawl space solution we offer at LUX Foundation Solutions. This option is where the area is air sealed completely. There are no wall vents and it’s sealed to improve moisture problems in your home. Closing off your crawl space is just one of many options we can provide you when it comes to keeping your property well maintained. 

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Advantages Of A Closed Crawl Space

Each home is different that’s why we continue to provide clients with a wide range of crawl space solutions. There are various advantages when it comes to closing off your crawl space completely. These include: 

Please give us a call to learn more about closed crawl spaces and if this is the right solution for your home!

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Choose LUX Foundation Solutions For Closed Crawl Space

If you are interested in learning more about closed crawl spaces, or our other crawl space solutions- contact the experts at LUX Foundation Repair. We proudly provide individuals in Northern Virginia services they can trust! Schedule a free inspection to get started.