Helical Piering

Helical Piering is a great solution to secure your foundation. It's one of the many foundation repair solutions we can use to stabilize your home. If you are interested in learning more about helical piering and how it can benefit your home, contact us today!

What is Helical Piering?

Helical piles (also known as helical piers) are used to repair an existing structure and also for new construction in place of micropiles, caissons, geopiers or other deep foundation systems.  They can also be used instead of an over-excavation method.  The helical pile can be both time and cost-effective.

When helical piles are used to repair an existing structure, they are “screwed” into the soil until a pre-determined torque is reached.  A bracket is then placed on the steel shaft and positioned under the footing of the structure, transferring the load of the structure to the helical piers.  The structure can then be stabilized or lifted back level.

Helical Piles have been in use for almost 200 years, and more recently have become more popular with engineers and contractors and used often in place of more costly alternatives. If you are interested in helical piering, contact LUX Foundation Solutions today! 

Helical Piering Advantages:

The main advantage of helical piering is how time and cost-effective the service is. Some other advantages include:

  • Lead sections and extensions can be configured to achieve design depth and capacity
  • Minimal excavation required around foundation area
  • Installs quickly with small or handheld equipment
  • Vibration-free installation
  • Piles can be driven throughout the year
  • Installs in areas with limited or tight access without generating spoils

If you want to learn more about Helical Piering- contact the professionals at LUX Foundation Solutions! We can help determine which foundation service is right for your property.

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At LUX Foundation Solutions we offer foundation solutions like helical piering to homeowners throughout Northern Virginia. If you are interested in this service or you suspect a foundation problem within your home, give us a call! We provide free inspections!

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