At LUX Foundation Solutions we can provide you with Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair that you can rely on. Carbon Fiber is a solution that can strengthen and repair damaged foundation walls. If you notice your walls bowing or buckling this may be a viable solution for you. Learn more by reading below, or contact the experts at LUX Foundations Solutions. 

What is Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair?

Carbon Fiber Systems have become a viable product within the foundation repair industry over the last number of years. The use of carbon fiber products as a supplement to the traditional array of foundation repair products has become popular. The purpose of carbon fiber is to add tensile strength to concrete in both vertical and horizontal directions. In some circumstances, carbon fiber can be used as a standalone product to mitigate bowing and cracking within concrete walls. You can trust LUX Foundation Solutions with your Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair. Contact us to learn more! 

Advantages of Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair

Our carbon fiber foundation repair services can help restore the integrity of your foundation. Some advantages of carbon fiber foundation repair include: 

  • Reinforcement against flexural and shear movement
  • Used in conjunction with traditional foundation repair products, concrete repair, and crack injection applications
  • Economical product
  • Adds structural integrity

Carbon Fiber is a new efficient way to repair your foundation. If you have basement wall cracks or slightly bowed walls, this may be a great option for you! Contact us to learn more. 

Choose LUX Foundation Solutions For Your Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair

If you own a home or business in Northern Virginia choose LUX Foundation Solutions for all your foundation repair needs. If you are interested in carbon fiber foundation repair, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with foundation repair services that last. Contact us today! 

Why choose LUX

LUX Foundation Solutions has over 25+ years of combined experience in the industry of repairing homes and business' just like yours. We will care for your home or business with permanent and long term solutions, many of which come with lifetime transferable warranties. You can rest assured that your home or business will be repaired right the first time!

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