The Top 5 Benefits of Sealing a Crawl Space

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    The crawl space is like any part of a home that exists beneath its owner’s feet. It is vitally important to the strength of the whole structure and the well-being of the people inside it, and yet it rarely gets the attention or caring treatment it deserves. Knowing how to choose a trustworthy contractor can deliver that care to a crawl space to protect people and property for years to come.

    Understanding what’s best for this space starts by meeting it head-on. Homeowners don’t have to get on their bellies and grab a flashlight to do this, either. This guide will spotlight the essential work crawl spaces do and the five most important benefits that come from hiring a professional foundation maintenance team to seal them.

    Why Is a Healthy Crawl Space So Critical?

    These spaces are rarely at the top of homeowner concerns due to their being effectively “buried” out of sight. Taking a moment to reflect on how many of your home’s vital systems rely on the crawl space provides the perspective most people lack. This is before its potential impact on residents and workers is even considered:

    1. It Typically Houses HVAC, Wiring, Heating, and Plumbing

    These are all essential to a comfortable home and depend on the crawl space being protected and well-maintained. All these systems are fragile and can be negatively impacted by poor crawl space care, and any DIY attempts or professional utility fixes can be made much more difficult and unpleasant.

    2. It Stands Between the Earth and Your Home

    The crawl space is part of your home’s foundation, and a well-sealed space acts like a shield against elemental and biological factors. These dangers can enter from the ground up to compromise structural integrity, exacerbate existing foundation and health issues, or even cause new ones.

    3. Crawl Spaces Are Directly Linked to Resale Value

    It isn’t difficult for homebuyers to choose between properties with a sealed, clean, and effective crawl space versus a musty, damp, and decaying one. Crawl space problems typically can’t be hidden from interested buyers – issues like cracked drywall, sagging floors, and misshapen/jamming doors and windows are all obvious giveaways of a crawl space gone wrong.

    Many of the crawl spaces in American homes have vents, which, despite the best intentions, means a hole (or holes) in the wall. These holes usually become entry points for unwanted problems and can be a real headache for anyone living in a particularly warm or markedly moist climate. Choosing to seal off your crawl space can lead to a safer and more efficient place to live.

    What Are The 5 Ways Crawl Space Sealing Pays Off?

    The airtight barrier of a crawl space sealant is a powerful shield against potential house hazards, ranging from health risks and tiny home invaders to uncontrolled temperatures and structural decay. Sealant methods can range from encapsulation and insulation to conditioning or a complete air sealing. Whichever one you choose will maximize your crawl space’s potential to help the whole home in several ways:

    a man inspecting a crawl space

    1. Guarding Against Radon Gas

    The natural decay of soil anywhere in the world releases a radioactive gas called Radon. This disperses almost completely harmlessly outdoors, but indoors is where these invisible and odorless vapors can become trapped in a crawl space before entering the upper home. Sealing your crawl space helps to keep Radon gas out and prevent the many health dangers it can bring.

    2. Better Temperature Control of Your Home

    A tightly sealed crawl space is your best friend when it comes to helping your home hold onto both warm and cool air. Lack of sealant lets these two air types escape from your property and makes indoor winters colder and summers warmer. Adding a crawl space barrier helps keep that thermometer stable, thus helping to do the same with your energy bills.

    3. Sealants Help Control Moisture

    A damp crawl space is the one problem that can lead to several associated and potentially severe issues. Sealants prevent moisture from building up, which further aids indoor temperature regulation. They also stop the growth and adverse effects of mold and mildew – leading to unpleasant aromas around the home, and worse. Crawl space sealing also prevents moisture from going to work on your foundations and kickstarting the rotting process.

    4. Pest Prevention

    Various insects and rodents all see your crawl space as prime real estate and the perfect place to settle down and start breeding. They bring disease and structural threats along with them, making a crawl space sealant necessary to prevent these unwanted guests. Install this barrier sooner rather than later to prevent mice from moving in and termites from taking charge.

    5. Boost Resale Value

    It isn’t easy to put an exact figure on how much a well-sealed crawl space can add to a property’s resale value, but it is easy to see the savings writ large. Careful homeowners can tell interested buyers how much they won’t have to spend on all the things sealing has prevented, such as spiking utility bills, overall maintenance, and hiring foundation repair services.

    One hidden benefit of adding a crawl space sealant today is that foundation maintenance services have to get in there and take a good look before getting to work. This is effectively an impromptu crawl space inspection, which could reveal and help remediate issues you may not even know you had. 

    Contact the Experts With Questions

    Crawl spaces can be a credit or a detriment to a home and everyone in it, so it’s wise to work with professionals to address any issues. LUX Foundation Solutions has built a reputation for delivering superior work on foundations, basements, and crawl spaces, and we are ready to assess your situation and give you the proper fix. 

    Our team has the skills, experience, and integrity necessary to deliver whichever sealant solution your crawl space requires. Contact LUX Foundation Solutions and speak with an expert today.