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The Dangers of a Failing Foundation

Do not wait to see how an issue progresses before taking action. Issues with your foundation don’t get better on their own – they get worse. If left unaddressed, Water can accumulate beneath the floor, leading to mold growth. The resale value of the property can take a substantial hit. Your chimney may even begin to break away from your home.

When in doubt, do not hesitate to call in the experts at Ram Jack. With more than 40 years of industry experience under outs belts, we have the resource to identify and repair any issues with your foundation.

We offer the best piling system in the industry. Our steels is supplied directly from U.S. mills to meet strict specifications and we use a state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Plus, our piles are coated with a highly-durable, thermal-set coating, which ensures all products will stand the test of time and are environmentally friendly  

Why LUX Foundation Solutions

Choosing a contractor for any type of home renovation project is extremely important. This is someone that you will be welcoming into your home, exposing your family and personal belongings to, and trusting that they will provide you with exceptional service while performing the work to industry standards.

Moving forward with a contractor that you are comfortable with, and understands your goals should be your primary intent. Deciding on a contractor based on price alone can be risky in multiple ways.

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What It Means To Be A Grip-Tite Manufacturing Co. Signature Dealer

Grip-Tite Manufacturing Co. Signature Dealers are hand-picked by the Grip-Tite Manufacturing Co. Management Team, in part, because of their outstanding quality, service, and business ethics. They enjoy benefits that help them run their businesses efficiently, allowing them to grow and become leaders in their local markets. Learn more at

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Financing Options

LUX foundation solutions provides financing options. We can make yourhome repairs & projects seamless and stress-free process!

Our Services

A company is only is good as the people involved. This is why LUX Foundation Repair takes the time to carefully select top quality staff members and vet them with every tool and recourse available.

The foundation is the most crucial piece of the structure for any building. Without a …

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Most home and business owners rarely venture into their crawl spaces and when they …

The foundation is the most crucial piece of the structure for any building…