Home Foundation Inspections: A Home Buyers Guide

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    Homebuyers purchased more than 6 million homes in 2021. But not all buyers invested in foundation inspections before finalizing their purchase. These unfortunate individuals were then saddled with hefty repair costs!

    Home foundation inspections are an essential part of the home buying process. Without them, you might end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home that’s barely standing. 

    This guide will explore the benefits of inspection services. We’ll also discuss typical foundation repair costs. Read on to discover why a home foundation inspection might be the best choice you make this year.

    Are Home Foundation Inspections Necessary?

    Home foundation inspections are often seen as extraneous. But they’re a necessary part of the home-buying process. Without them, you could buy a gorgeous home that’s slowly falling apart.

    Unscrupulous home sellers may attempt to cover up foundation issues. They can do this with fresh coats of paint, filling materials, and landscaping.

    As a result, homebuyers may not be aware of any problems until several weeks or months after moving in.

    Investing in a home foundation inspection before purchasing a home is a beneficial decision, as it:

    • Prevents you from overspending on a poor-quality home
    • Ensures that your family are safe from sudden house collapses
    • Keeps you informed about necessary repairs

    If a home foundation inspector discovers damages, buyers can negotiate a lower sales price. They can also opt to walk away and search for properties elsewhere.

    Ensuring that your new home’s foundation is in great condition is also an excellent way to keep your household safe. A damaged foundation can lead to dangerous situations, including collapsed walls, sagging floors,  and mold growth.

    Homebuyers aware of potential problem areas also have a greater chance of fixing them before moving in. After all, if you’re not sure what’s broken, you’re going to struggle to fix it!

    You can reduce your risk of purchasing a home with foundation problems by avoiding homes in certain areas.

    home foundation issues

    Foundation Issues: The Worst Areas

    Older homes typically suffer from foundation issues. But age isn’t the only factor contributing to damaged foundations. Sinkholes (collapsed land) are also common culprits behind sunken and cracked foundations.

    For this reason, homes located in the following areas tend to experience a greater risk of foundation damage:

    • Florida
    • Alabama
    • Tennessee
    • Pennsylvania
    • Texas
    • Kentucky
    • Missouri

    Poorly constructed foundations can affect any home. That’s why it’s crucial to schedule a home foundation inspection before purchasing a property.

    If you don’t invest in inspection services, you may quickly realize that your new home’s foundation is in desperate need of repair. After all, the warning signs of a faulty foundation can be challenging to notice at first glance. 

    Signs of a Damaged Home Foundation

    Cracked walls and flooring are the most common and significant signs of a damaged foundation. But these warning signs are easy to cover up with carpeting, filling putty, and fresh paint.

    Sagging floors and bowed walls are other indicators of foundation problems, but they’re far harder to keep hidden. So, if your potential property has a basement, be sure to investigate it before buying the home.

    Basements can give you a golden opportunity to look for foundation issues. That’s because unfinished basement ceilings may show the underside of ground-level floors.

    If you notice that the wooden beams supporting your floor are curved or unlevel, you may be seeing signs of foundation damage. An unlevel concrete basement floor is also indicative of a sinking foundation.

    Still, these signs don’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t buy a property. Foundation repair services are available, though they can be somewhat costly.

    Foundation Repairs Costs

    The cost to repair a home’s foundation varies depending on home size and the extent of the damage. That said, the average price for repair services starts at about $2,000 and only increases from there.

    One of the best ways for homebuyers to reduce repair expenses is to invest in a pre-purchase foundation inspection. But buyers might also be able to lower repair costs by acting quickly.

    Professional foundation repair technicians can prevent further foundation degradation. Naturally, they can also install long-lasting solutions to crumbling or cracked foundations.

    If your home foundation inspector finds signs of damage you can schedule a repair service right away!

    Finding a Home Foundation Inspector

    After deciding to invest in a home foundation inspection, you’ll need to find a reputable inspector. Fortunately, finding locating nearby inspection services is a reasonably straightforward process.

    One of the best ways to find a home foundation inspector near you is to utilize your favorite search engine.

    For example, you can type ‘home foundation inspector in (name of your town)’ into the text field and review the results!

    You could also decide to use navigation apps like GoogleMaps to find nearby home foundation inspectors. GoogleMaps also allows homebuyers to read unbiased service reviews, ensuring you choose a trustworthy inspector.

    When selecting a foundation inspector, be sure to inquire about service estimates. It’s also worthwhile to ask what the inspection will entail and how long it’s expected to last.

    Doing so can help you prepare the current homeowners for the upcoming inspection.

    Fortunately, inspection results are typically available during or immediately after the inspector finishes surveying the property. These results can help you determine whether foundation repairs might be needed.

    Invest in Foundation Solutions Today

    Home foundation inspections can protect homebuyers from investing in poor-quality properties. They can also help keep you (and your household) safe from sudden wall collapses.

    A pre-purchase inspection may also help homebuyers avoid expensive foundation repair services. For these reasons, you’ll want to find a reputable home foundation inspector to review potential properties before you buy.

    Do you need foundation repair services? Lux Foundation Solutions can help! Contact us today for more information.