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Crawl space issues are always a cause for concern. Some are fast fixes, and others are structural risks requiring deeper work. Even a small problem can become a threat, though, if not addressed quickly and handled well.

LUX Foundation Solutions has 25 years of experience delivering the best crawl space repair in Fairfax, VA. You can contact our team and we’ll quickly make your crawl space safe and healthy.

Why Crawl Space Repairs Are Needed

Your home’s stability and the health and safety of its inhabitants are linked to your crawl space. Here are some common factors that lead to problems:

Excess Moisture

Corroded fittings and standing water can be found in crawl spaces where plumbing has started to fail or rains have been heavy. The property may also have drainage problems.

Elevated Condensation and Humidity

Vents can allow outside air to mix with interior crawl space air. This can manifest as micro-droplets that drive up humidity, leading to uncomfortable interior temperatures and higher utility costs.

Structural Weakening

Sagging, uneven, or bouncy floors can signify weak joists and beams in a crawl space. This red flag means your home’s foundation is at risk.

Mildew and Mold

This is a serious problem that can cause respiratory or pulmonary issues and worsen existing conditions or allergies.

LUX Foundation Solutions has 25 years of experience in resolving these issues. You can call us for a free consultation.

Sources of Crawl Space Problems

What Causes Crawl Space Moisture Issues?

If you’ve noticed damages to your Fairfax-area crawl space or are worried about potential ones in the future, these causes are good to watch for.

Improper support systems can lead to warping and impact the settling of your home as well as become a danger to the overall structure.
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Our Tailored Services

Crawl Space Repair Solutions in Fairfax, VA

The LUX Foundation Solutions experts protect crawl spaces in many ways to provide lasting solutions and peace of mind. Here are some options:

Crawl Space Stabilizer Icon

Crawl Space Stabilizer

This is often used to give additional support to poor construction or overly damaged spaces.

insulation for home

Crawl Space Encapsulation

To waterproof the space and prevent future damage to your crawl space.

crawl space

Crawl Space Conditioning

Used to circulate any lingering moisture, this solution can help prevent rusted water lines or settling water.

enclosed crawl space

Closed Crawl Spaces

To completely seal the area to improve issues with moisture damage

crawl space insulation

Crawl Space Insulation

To ventilate your crawl space and seal your home. Protects against cold temperatures.

drainage for crawl space

Crawl Space Drainage

Should there be a leak, this solution will help remove lingering water and prevent it from pooling in your crawlspace.

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The professionals at LUX Foundation Solutions are dedicated to creating tailored solutions for every customer. We’ve built our reputation on honesty and value, and on putting your interests before our bottom line.

Immediate action combats crawl space issues. Our experts act quickly and cost-effectively to make your home a safer and healthier place to live. Contact LUX Foundation Solutions today to learn more or to make an appointment.

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