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Figuring out why your Alexandria-area crawl space has leaks or standing water can feel like a giant task, and it’s only compounded by then making necessary repairs. At LUX Foundation Services, we understand how complicated some issues may seem and have the experts to provide long-term solutions for your home’s foundational damage.

Whether you’re seeing warped floors, termite damage, or other troublesome issues, our team of professionals can walk you through the necessary steps to resolve your crawl space worries and provide important solutions.

Critical Symptoms of Damage

Signs Crawl Space Repairs Are Needed


There are numerous things that can happen to a crawl space and cause havoc, but each means you should have a foundation services company come out as soon as possible. Catching issues early can save you from detrimental damage — and the high costs of remediating it. 


Here are a few of the top identifiers that you’ve got crawl space problems:

If you notice any of these symptoms of crawl space issues, call LUX Foundation Services today. Our team is always ready to help you get your home back on track.

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Causes of Crawl Space Problems

How Crawl Spaces Develop Moisture Issues

Damages happen in a crawl space for a variety of reasons. It’s not uncommon for there to be multiple repairs needed, and many run hand in hand. Here are a few of the most prevalent that we see throughout the Alexandria, VA, region:

We all love beautiful flowers and having a gorgeous landscape, but proper drainage is key to keeping your crawl space moisture-free. Having excessive water too close to the house can make it difficult for that water to move away or settle into plants, which means it may just head inside your foundation and pool in your crawl space instead.

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Customized Solutions

Crawl Space Repair Services in Alexandria, VA

Depending on the repairs needed for your crawlspace, LUX Foundation Services will send out a professional that can use one of the following solutions to shore up your waterproofing:

Crawl Space Stabilizer Icon

Crawl Space Stabilizer

Stabilizers are often used to give additional support to poor construction or overly damaged spaces, which can occur because of time or improper building.

insulation for home

Crawl Space Encapsulation

To waterproof the space and prevent crawl space damage and issues from emerging in the future.

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Crawl Space Conditioning

This solution helps circulate residual moisturizer and get it out of your home, thereby preventing rusted water lines or settling water.

enclosed crawl space

Closed Crawl Spaces

To completely seal the area to avoid potential issues with moisture damage.

crawl space insulation

Crawl Space Insulation

Proper insultation is necessary to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

drainage for crawl space

Crawl Space Drainage

You want to get standing water out to make sure it’s not able to wreak havoc on the underside of your house. This also helps prevent it from pooling in your crawl space in the future.

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If you’re ready to have your home as water-tight as possible, then it’s time to call the team at LUX Foundation Solutions. We’ve been serving Greater Alexandria with crawl space repair services for decades, and we can’t wait to help you get your home’s back in tip-top shape.


Contact us today to speak with an expert about any crawl space repairs you may need, and to get answers for any concerns you may have.