The Causes:

Bowing Wall Repair

If your walls are bowing or showing signs of an inward movement this is most likely caused by an underlying foundation problem. Pressure is the main cause of a bowing wall. Other causes include:

  • Poor foundation construction
  • Tree roots
  • Failure due to age.

Although there are different causes, bowing walls need immediate attention. Contact the professionals at LUX Foundation Solutions to fix the damage and repair your bowing walls.

Do I Need to Fix This?

Bowing walls can be difficult to notice at first. So, once you notice your walls starting to show inward movement, you need to contact a professional to assess the situation. Even a bowing wall slightly is an indication of a weakened structure. If left untreated, bowing walls is an impending foundation disaster.

Our Solution:

When it comes to foundation repair, it’s important to find a foundation repair company you can trust. At LUX Foundation Solutions we offer various repair solutions tailored to your foundation issue. When it comes to bowing wall repair, LUX Foundation Solutions installs Grip-Tite Wall Anchors. These anchors immediately stabilize the leaning of your property’s wall and restore its shape. Our experienced technicians are ready to provide you will solutions that you can trust. Contact LUX Foundation Solutions for the best resolution for your bowing walls. Call us for a free inspection!

Why choose LUX

LUX Foundation Solutions has over 25+ years of combined experience in the industry of repairing homes and business' just like yours. We will care for your home or business with permanent and long term solutions, many of which come with lifetime transferable warranties. You can rest assured that your home or business will be repaired right the first time!

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