Know the signs of Foundation Problems

Common Symptoms

know the warning signs

Common Signs of Foundation Problems

Do any of these symptoms seem familiar? Do you live in or around Northern Virginia?

If so, contact the professionals at LUX Foundation Solutions and we can help you.

basement concrete cracked wall
Cracks in Concrete Walls
Basement flooding
Basement Flooding
sagging floorboards in a house
Sagging or Flexing Floors
ceiling crack in drywall
Drywall Cracks
Bowing Walls
Person opening sticking windows
Sticking Windows or Doors
cracks in mortar outside of home
Cracks in Mortar
Not level flooring
Unlevel Basement Slab Floor
Rotting Wood Roof
Wood Rotting
Crack in slab floor
Cracks in Slab Floor
wet crawl space in home basement
Wet or Damp Crawl Space
sketch of a home

Signs of foundation issues

Are You Experiencing A Common Foundation Problem?

At LUX Foundation Solutions we have compiled a list of signs that may indicate an underlying common foundation problem. If these signs seem familiar within your home- contact the professionals at LUX Foundation Solutions today!