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Professional Disinfecting Services for Commercial Clients

At LUX Foundation Solutions we offer professional disinfecting services to commercial clients. Germs and viruses can be hiding anywhere in your building. With the uprising threat of COVID-19 and other viruses, we can provide proper decontamination and peace of mind for your business or commercial space.


We utilize only the best cleaning solutions that are made with organic, whole-plant botanical ingredients. Our regular cleaner is:

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EPA Registered Disinfectant

Along with our daily cleaner that takes care of mold spores and bacteria, we are adding a hospital-use germicidal disinfectant to assist with those tougher bacteria that linger in hospitals and businesses. This cleaner is registered with the EPA, so it’s perfectly safe for commercial use.

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We are so much more than a foundation repair and basement waterproofing company. We’re here for you during this challenging and tough time. If you’re looking for reliable cleaning/disinfecting services, look no further than Lux Foundation Solutions. 

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