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Hot, humid summers and around 58 annual inches of rain put Tallahassee at particular foundation risk. Parched weather can cause soil to dry out and shift or lead hungry tree roots to look for water close to a home. Heavy rain can then drench the soil, creating hydrostatic pressure.


All these can compromise foundations, so homeowners need professionals who can quickly and expertly solve structural issues. LUX Foundation Solutions brings many years of experience in doing exactly that. Just contact us for a free inspection and the best foundation repairs in Tallahassee, FL.

Key Warning Signs

Why You Might Need Foundation Repair

Few homeowners ever inspect their foundation or recognize the often-subtle signs that it’s damaged. Don’t let “out of sight, out of mind” cost you financially or physically. Look for:

Window and Door Issues

Are doors or windows sticking? Do their frames have gaps? Maybe you’ve noticed cracks above them (or anywhere else in your home). These may be signs of foundation failure.

 Strong Odors

A crawl space can cause bad, musty smells anywhere in the home. These odors indicate threats to both the structure and occupant health.

Weakening Exterior

Your home may be showing signs of structural stress on the outside, such as cracks or loosening brick. These are entry points for water and pests.

Crawl Space Moisture

Wet crawl spaces can weaken structural supports and compromise a home’s electrical systems, creating electrocution and fire risks.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to ask a professional to evaluate your foundation. The pros at LUX Foundation Services are experts in identifying and mitigating problems with home and business foundations throughout greater Tallahassee, and we’re standing by to come to your site and get yours under control.

Contact the LUX team if any of these are troubling you. We’ll be right there to provide a fast, reliable answer.

Causes of Foundation Problems

Main Causes of Common Foundation Issues

There can be a lot of reasons behind foundation issues. Some can be avoided, but some are out of your control. Things that cause foundation issues include:

Knowing the causes is important, but you need to act immediately if you believe you have a problem. A professional evaluation helps you understand the issues and gets your foundation on the path to wellness.

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Customized Services

Foundation Repair Solutions in Tallahassee, FL

When you call on the team at LUX Foundation Solutions, you’re getting access to a variety of foundation repair services. Many factors play into which is right for your property, and our experts will put together the perfect plan to fix your specific issues. 

Our customized solutions include:

Push Piers Icon

Push Piers

This option is used to prop up one side of the property when settlement is an issue.

Helical Piering Icon

Helical Piers

These long steel tubes use the weight of a home to steady the structure. Piers provide a high level of stabilization that can counter even a sinking foundation.

Wall Anchors Icon

Wall Anchors

This method is used to stabilize basement walls and can keep yours from collapsing.

repairing crawl spaces in homes

Crawl Space Care

Stabilizing a crawl space gives added strength to failing floors, while sealing the space can control moisture, fight pests, and regulate interior temperature.

Helical tiebacks for home

Wall Anchors

Our anchor system works on foundation walls of all kinds to give deteriorating or leaning walls reliable stabilization without replacing any wall sections.

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Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is stronger than steel and can help manage the contraction and expansion of foundation walls.

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Foundation Problems? Call on LUX Foundation Solutions.

No matter what the cause of your foundation issues in your Tallahassee home, getting them repaired quickly by a professional team of experts could mean the difference between a home or building that lasts for decades and safety risks that get increasingly expensive to fix. 

Call the team at LUX Foundation Solutions the moment you notice a problem with your foundation. Our professionals are standing by to provide consultations, emergency repairs, and more to get your building back to structurally sound as soon as possible

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