Basement Waterproofing

­LUX­ Foundation Solutions offers several types of waterproofing options for your home or business in Virginia. Many of which come with lifetime (of the home) or long term transferable warranties.

Many home and business experience foundation leaking from hydrostatic pressure, underground springs or high water tables. Water is one of mother nature's greatest forces causing more damages to communities, homes and families. Here at LUX Foundation Solutions we perform a full evaluation of the home's water dynamics such as gutters, grading, roof line, basement or crawlspace depth below grade and many various aspects that all contribute to the home or business's water issues.

Once the causes have been found, a repair plan is designed specifically for your home or business. This approach gives home and business owners the best repairs possible because we don't limit our repair option to one system as we have access to just about every option on the market.  Not only do we have an extensive array of repair methods we also make sure your solution is expertly installed the first time. The best warranties are the ones you never have to use. We pride ourselves on making sure we do it right the first time saving you several service calls and aggravation later on.

LUX Foundation Repair Waterproofing­

LUX Foundation Repair Waterproofing­

LUX Foundation Repair Waterproofing design­

LUX Foundation Repair Waterproofing design­

Waterproofing Options For Repair

Basement Exterior Waterproofing

Basement Interior Waterproofing

Crawlspace Interior Waterproofing

Crawlspace Exterior Waterproofing

Crack Repairs

Downspout Extensions

Landscape French  Drains

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Honest Service
Honest Service is tough to find in the construction industry. This is why at LUX we make this our top priority for all our clients. We provide top quality work with Honesty and Integrity.
We respect our customer's time as it is our most precious commodity. We will keep communication and project scheduling with you in mind first, not ourselves.
We here at LUX pride ourselves on innovation of our services and processes. This ensure our customers do not just get a cookie cutter approach to their home or business’s needs, but gives them the results they are looking for.