Foundation Repairs

LUX Foundation Solutions offers several types of foundation repair options for your home or business in Virginia. Many of which come with lifetime (of the home) or long term transferable warranties.

The foundation is the most crucial piece of the structure for any building. Without a solid foundation, many cosmetic and structural issues will begin to occur ranging from doors sticking, windows not opening, cracks in the foundation or brick, cracks in the drywall, nail pops, floors un-level and many other damaging effects to the structure.  

Most home foundation issues occur due to changes in the soils beneath the home. Including over saturation, moisture content, drying and shrinking or changes of density due to an underlying soil issue. 

We conduct an evaluation for your home or building to determine the source of your concern. Then a solution is designed based on your home or buildings specific needs. 

We then employee the latest technologies and practices for your foundation repair to ensure you are getting the best repairs possible. Once repaired all methods of repair are independently evaluated to ensure that you are getting the right repair done the first time.

LUX Foundation Repair­

LUX Foundation Repair­

Virginia Foundation Repair­

Virginia Foundation Repair­

Foundation Repair Options

Push Piers

Helical Piers 

Foundation Reinforcement

Steal Beams

Wall Anchors

Helical Tie Backs 

Foundation/ Foundation Wall replacement

Carbon Fiber

Concrete Crack Repair

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Honest Service is tough to find in the construction industry. This is why at LUX we make this our top priority for all our clients. We provide top quality work with Honesty and Integrity.
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We here at LUX pride ourselves on innovation of our services and processes. This ensures our customers do not just get a cookie cutter approach to their home or business’s needs, but gives them the results they are looking for.