Crawlspace Repairs

­LUX­ Foundation Solutions offers several types of crawlspace repair options for your home or business in Virginia. Many of which come with lifetime (of the home) or long term transferable warranties.

Most home and business owners rarely venture into their crawlspaces and when they do they are in and out in no time. This often leaves one of the most crucial parts of your home left unchecked. Out of site and out of mind is never a good option when it comes to a home's crawlspace.  Many issues arise in the crawlspace such as ground water seepage, mold, wood rot, pests and mechanical equipment failure are just a few which affect the home's value and operation. Not every crawlspace is the same; some have concrete while others have dirt. Each type of crawlspace needs to be addressed specifically to your homes location, environment and construction as all play an important factor in what may be occurring to your home. 

When approaching a home or business's crawlspace a thorough inspection must be performed inside and out to determine the source of the issues or concerns you are having. A question we are often asked, "do we actually go into the crawlspace?" And the answer is,"YES, no exceptions!" If your crawlspace has limited or tight access, we will work with you to determine how a thorough inspection can be conducted.

Once we complete our inspection, we will work with you on addressing the concerns and issues you are experiencing with your home or business. We want ensure the repairs fit your needs and plans for your home. 

LUX Foundation Repair crawlspace Repair­s

LUX Foundation Repair crawlspace Repair­s

LUX Foundation Repair crawlspace repairs in Virginia­

LUX Foundation Repair crawlspace repairs in Virginia­

Crawlspace Repair Option Offered


Crawlspace Drainage

Crawlspace Conditioning  

Closed Crawlspaces

Wood Rot Repair

Insulation/ Energy Saving

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